You’ve been asking….

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We’re asked every day how we like our new place, for those of you out there to whom we haven’t responded to personally, let us tell you that WE LOVE IT.

Business is different, yes, it’s changed, but this move has given us the opportunity to get back to our roots… after 17 years of incubation.

Those of you who have been with us since the beginning will remember that our business started with vintage furniture, collectible surfboards and skateboards,  a smattering of small motor-scooters, iconic props and obscure design pieces.

We’ve always thrived on introducing items of interest and trends to the marketplace, mastering the ability to connect and communicate with our industry customers and regular-folk. providing inspiration, exceptional service and consultation.

The wide open space, high ceilings and harmony in our new location provides us with the room to stretch our wings and the space to stretch our minds. Showcasing some of the best items in these genres that we’ve had to date, introducing new discoveries and displaying and communicating about them in the best possible way.

We’re also currently expanding our range of inventory and applying our edit to newly made creations and partnerships in the areas of: leather goods, jewelry, literature, homewares, clothing and more.

Exciting times to say the least….

P.S: Our huge parking lot allows our customers easy access for a great experience from the moment they step out of the car and makes getting items home a breeze.

P.P.S.: We hope to see you soon!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Memorial Day: parks, beaches and back yards across America are filled with friends and family; meeting, greeting and indulging in the fruits of life. We honor our service men and women, remembering, cherishing, celebrating and living The American Dream for them, with them. Our hearts go out to the suffering, the wounded, the fallen, the left and all of those who are miles away from the ones they love… in service.

Personally, we wish fighting would be unnecessary and abolished. We wish that we all would just discuss, listen, love and empathize with each other. Finding meeting grounds, ways to explain the points of view, the means to honor the differences, the similarities and each other as members of our shared human race is a beautiful dream to embrace.

Wishing you all a glorious day of love that will multiply every time it’s felt or shared. Hopefully one day, that love, will put an end to the fighting, turning Memorial Day into one big picnic.

For those of you who are entertaining yourself or others today and need a last minute back yard fireplace, indoor or outdoor furniture or a new t-shirt to wear we plan to have our store open until about 3. Call 1st: 310-915-6611.

Featured in this pic is a vintage woody piled high with classic original suitcases.

Evolution 2013

surfing_cowboys_5x7_postcard-front_12553veniceEvolution.  For us 2012 has been a year of digging deep and gazing the expanse, scanning the horizon, choosing which waves to catch, reaching out and strengthening at the core.  It’s all part of the growth and while at times it feels like pure struggle it’s when we reach the top of the hill and look out at the view that we become one with the beauty all around us, rejoice in the glory of the day, the journey, the sun as it warms our skin and the love all around us.

We are not alone in this radical moment of change, 2012 has been a year of evolution for many of you as well…

We wish you all a wonderful celebration of evolution this New Years Day.  2013 is here now, let’s make it a year of manifestation.


Moving Sale Window Photo


March 2013, Yes it’s true… after 17 fantastic years on Abbot Kinney Blvd. Surfing Cowboys, the guardians of California lifestyle, are moving.  It’s been an amazing ride and we’re pleased to say it will continue just up the road in greener pastures.

We are sincerely grateful to all our friends and supporters, for without you this business based on passion and dreams would never have sustained so long and become the success that it is… offering generations a place to gather and find items to cherish.

We’re not going far… just 2 miles East to 12553 Venice Blvd, Mar Vista CA 90066 our new phone: 310-915-6611. We look forward to seeing you there.


Board Trio

surfboard line upBeauty, grace and style.

On the left a 1960′s Tiki Board. Great logo, strong visual design and classic shape at a rare 8’6″ length.

In the center, a 1940s youth size hollow wooden paddle board, titled The Skipper. An amazing find in a youth size and in such pristine, original condition .

At right… The Malibu. Made by the first production surfboard company in Malibu City limits. Consider it a historical icon.

Sold separately, although we think they look great as a group.